Across the United States, people are now organizing

Basic Income Create-A-Thons

to build awareness and support for Universal Basic Income

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In a weekend marathon of intrinsically-motivated work, writers, artists, videographers, developers, musicians, and other creatives come together to create content and media around the theme of a Universal Basic Income in the United States.

The ideas for these projects come from you. Is there a compelling video, an engaging web application, or a cool art project you’d like to create or inspire? You’ll have the chance to share ideas with other active participants, and work together with them to make it a reality.

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The globalized economy we live in today is no longer working for most Americans. Improvements in technology are disrupting the traditional employment model and automating/transforming more and more existing jobs in a way that so far benefits a privileged few. As this trend continues, inequality grows ever more extreme, and wide-scale unemployment in the United States appears imminent. If our society is going to not just survive but thrive, we need systemic change.

A Universal Basic Income would equally provide each and every American with a tax-free income floor sufficient to secure our most basic needs, universally and unconditionally. All additional income would be earned on top of it. It aims to abolish poverty, reduce inequality, eliminate complicated bureaucracies, drive our consumer economy, grant permanent economic security, and transform the accelerating loss of jobs to machines from a fear to a goal. Achieving this would free all individuals to engage in the work of their own choice, on their own terms, increasing the economic bargaining power of all Americans with the freedom to say “No”.

It is the 21st century. The time has come for a Universal Basic Income in the United States.

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Anyone can organize a Basic Income Create-A-Thon in their own city. We’ll provide you with tips and resources to help make sure your event is a success. Click the button below to begin.

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